Elite Coaching

Why is Coaching Important

Would you like to have someone help you create a blueprint form A-Z for your success while helping you achieve the highest level possible?  Get a Coach!!  At most elite levels in business and sports, it's not talent that sets the individual apart from the others it's the coaching they receive that makes the difference.  Great coaches help people see the potential within themselves while helping them to leverage their talents and abilities.  A coach sees things that people that don' see in themselves.  If you are looking to make major improvements in your business, you should have a coach.

How is Elite Coaching Different

We believe coaching is all about RESULTS! We do not charge a monthly fee and our goal is not to keep you in coaching forever.  We charge based on RESULTS so if you don't make any money...we don't make any money.  It's that simple.  Isn't making money what you expect from a coaching company?


We offer step-by-step system to help you grow your business so you can enjoy the freedom and the money, probably what interested you in real estate in the first place.  We will establish how to pay for coaching on your very first call, how to organize your your database, then move on to setting up a business plan tailored specifically to you. 

We will also add accountability while tracking your results.  We offer 52 structured 30 min coaching calls over a 1 year period.  All of your information is confidential and this system works for everyone, regardless of which real estate company you work for.

The Elite Coaching Program
Level - White       Transactions - 0-14       Team Size - Solo        
The Struggle - You feel lost, got into real estate and nobody showed them how to make money. Not sure what to do to find clients and make sales. Questioning if this is the right business to be in.
Our Focus: Covering the cost of coaching, organizing and setting up your database, establishing a schedule that works for you, consistent lead generation for more predictable revenue, and a simple 1 page business plan 

Level - Blue      Transactions - 15-25       Team Size - Solo         
The Struggle - Feels like quicksand, you are willing to do the work, have bought leads from everyone, they donʼt have a plan, donʼt have much cash to work with, and sick & tired of feeling stuck
Our FocusTo articulate your differentiated value proposition to set appointments, and win buyer agreements and listings with ease and confidence.  Also we review the Buyer and Seller process and presentations so you have more confidence, which will lead to more business

Level - Green     Transactions - 26-50       Team Size - 1-2         
The Struggle - You feel like your on a roller coaster, you are good at getting clients to work with you but canʼt seem to get off the roller coaster of having a good month then a bad month. Need predictable seller lead generation that actually gets results.
Our Focus: Building a team to increase your productivity. More control of your time.

Level - Red     Transactions - 51-80       Team Size - 1-2         
The Struggle - Feels like Iʼm doing all the work, burning the candle at both ends, need systems, time management, and help with delegating some of the work.
Our Focus: To understand the difference of hiring a team and getting it established, move to running a successful team that produces results, and keeping those on the team that you hire

Level - Brown     Transactions - 81-150       Team Size - 3-5         
The Struggle - The business is rocking and weʼre making money but it still feels unstable, Iʼm working harder and longer hours and the chaos is taking itʼs toll. Will I ever see my family again?
Our FocusTo have multiple revenue streams in place and have a process in place for making decisions and running a successful business not just a real estate team

Level - Black     Transactions - 151+       Team Size - 6+        
The Struggle- Iʼm crushing it, but still working 60+ hours a week. Feeling the pressure of managing all sales, getting listings, and recruiting. Why wonʼt my agents just make the calls
Our Focus: Understand your financial model & have built a highly profitable debt-free business that generates profits for you without your involvement in day-to-day activities, and you are paid a salary for your role from your business' profits.

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